Architecture is the mix between art and science / technology. Is about creating and building and idea, we create our idea in our mind and design it to make it happen in reality. Is the balance between the aesthetic , design and confort.

Architecture gives us many images in our mind such as space, light, protection, past and future, elevation, innovation, history or heritage, urbanising, composition, sustainability, order, landscape, interdisciplinary, identity, master pice, monument…

Lighting and shape
Shape and colour

Architecture can mean many things and can be bound and be mixed to many areas that we can even imgine.

Architecture is strongly linked to music. The architecture is the one that adaps to the music, it is designed for different styles of music and the rooms to fulfil their objective. These two disciplines have a similar structure and creation, but different in execution.

Music can help create a certain atmosphere or mood in a space, and architects may take this into account when designing buildings or other structures. For example, a building with a calm, relaxing atmosphere might be designed with softer, more mellow music in mind, while a more energetic, dynamic space might be designed with louder, more upbeat music in mind.

Franc Aleu, artist, tell us how to create atmospheres totally differents with objects opposites. His opinion about architecture is that creating spaces that remain, is an art. Architecture is the way of seeing things, depending on who sow it can be nothing or everything.

The art can come up from the places more unsuspected, surging from even a wrek. This is about rehabilitation, where they design for the confort. The secret is about keeping the life and the spirit that had in the moment.

Rehabilitation in architecture refers to the process of renovating or restoring an existing building or structure to improve its functionality, safety, and appearance. This can involve a wide range of activities, including structural repairs, upgrades to mechanical and electrical systems, and the addition of new features or finishes.

There are many reasons why a building might need rehabilitation. For example, an older building may need to be updated to meet modern building codes or to make it more energy efficient. A building that has been damaged by natural disasters or other events may need to be repaired or rebuilt. In some cases, rehabilitation may be necessary to preserve the historical or cultural significance of a building.

Rehabilitation projects can be complex and may involve a range of professionals, including architects, engineers, contractors, and other specialists. These projects often require careful planning and coordination to ensure that the work is carried out safely and effectively, and that the finished building meets the needs of the people who will use it.


The photografy is another field that can be linked to Architecture. Whay defines the space have to define also the photo taken. For Adrià Guola, the architecture is the propose on how should be the world and he thinks the people feel related to them sometimes.

Photography can be used to document and record architectural structures and spaces, capturing their design and details for posterity. It can also be used to showcase the aesthetic qualities of a building or space, highlighting its beauty and design.

In addition to documenting and showcasing architecture, photography can also be used as a tool for architectural design and planning. Photographic images can be used to create visualizations of proposed buildings and spaces, helping architects and planners to communicate their ideas and concepts to clients and stakeholders.

Finally, photography can also be used to explore and interpret architecture in creative and artistic ways. Many photographers have used their cameras to capture the beauty and character of architectural structures and spaces, creating striking and evocative images that showcase the unique qualities of these built environments.

Photography in shapes

No rigid blocks